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📕 A library of CSS helpers to use in every projectSCSS
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📕 CSSHelpers

This is a library of CSS classes to use directly in HTML templates. It'll help fix part of your templates without writing any CSS.


Just think about all the times that you wanted to make a border dissapear or add some margin to it. What you do? You add a class name or id to your element and then you write than one line CSS for it. Isn't that painful?

There should be a better way! Yes, there is 😊 (Sorry for advertisment words)

In CSSHelpers you will find a full list of classes that make small changes to the element:

  • Change the dispaly of the elemenet
  • Add some flexbox property to it
  • Add margin and padding
  • Change border-radius to 0 or 50%
  • Change position

Do it really? Yes, really!

<div class="mx-10 my-20 py-5 px-15 bd-n d-if">Save<div>

It's not like Tailwind CSS (and not trying to be) that create a complete website. It's just a small package to help you in your daily problems.

I reccomend to add it to your every project and see how it helps in difficult times when you are working on bigger problems than what's the font-weight of a small element in a hero section.