Supporting Matnbaz

We love working on Matnbaz but since it isn't a commercial project and takes a lot of time to maintain, we can't continue to work on it without your support.

You can learn more about Matnbaz and its mission in the about page.

Supporting As Companies

Companies can help Matnbaz by becoming an sponsor.

Becoming an sponsor comes with benefits like showing the company's logo and name in the home page, GitHub pages and our social media. The benefits are relative to the amount of support.

Please note that the supporting program hasn't started yet.

Supporting As Individuals

Your biggest support is introducing Matnbaz to the others. If you are a content creator or influencer, or you have an audience, you could support Matnbaz by introducing it to them.

If you work for a company that can support Matnbaz, please do introduce Matnbaz to your company.

You could also do a one-time donation to Matnbaz. But please note that this, unlike supporting as companies, does not come with benefits.