How does Matnbaz detect Iranian users?

There are several ways we do that, including:

  • Having your GitHub location set to Iran
  • Having a repository related to Iran or Persian language
  • Being a member of an Iranian organization
  • Having a Persian name
  • Being submitted manually from the User Submit Page

Why is my repository not added to the site?

For repositories to be added to the site, they need to meet certain criteria. For instance, they need to have a certain amount of stars and that might be the reason it's not added to the site.

If that's not the case, your user is probably not discovered yet. You could manually add it using the Submit Page.

I know an organization that isn't in the site, what do I do?

Adding organizations is like adding users, submit them using the Submit Page.

Why is my repository not added to the related collection?

Try to add related topics to your GitHub repository. For instance, if you have a Laravel package and you want it to be added to the Laravel collection, add laravel to the repo topics. Please note that abusing topics will result in your repos getting removed from the site.