Initial Motive

The idea and motivation of the project came to us when we started to build and maintain an open-source package that we were sure would benefit many other Iranians, but might not easily be findable. There are various repositories for collecting and showcasing Iranian projects, but they are mostly limited and outdated. So we started thinking about automatically collecting Iranian open-source repositories and eventually created Matnbaz. (Matnbaz means "open-source" in Persian and is pronounced |matn baaz|)

Evolution of Matnbaz

After implementing the basic features like the explore page, Matnbaz received a lot of love from Iranian developers. We also realized that there is quite a lot we can do with all the repositories and users, and new features, such as collections, selections, and the users chart were added to the project. As the Discord community grew, we also created a blog for the members to create content on.

Future of Matnbaz

The absence of services like Patreon and Open Collective is felt in the Iranian open-source community. We are planning to either somehow integrate them with Iranian Rial or create a similar platform.

We also love to hold events related to open-source, like hackathons and programming competitions.

  • If you would like to support Matnbaz, visit the Support Page.
  • If you want to know what we are currently working on, go to the Roadmap Page.
  • If you have a question, you will probably find the answer on the FAQ Page.