The Iranian open-source community

Matnbaz ("open-source" in Persian, pronounced |matn baaz|) is created to detect, collect and showcase Iranian open-source projects, promote open-source, connect developers and create financial solutions for Iranian maintainers (soon).

Collecting Iranian Projects

Matnbaz tries to detect and collect all existing Iranian open-source maintainers and their repositories.


Find Iranian open-source packages, libraries and projects using different filters.


Collections help you find open-source repositories that fit your need easier and faster.


We make curated lists of open-source projects on specific subjects as blog posts.

Connecting Developers

Matnbaz tries to connect Iranian open-source enthusiasts.

Discord Community

You can meet other developers and find your future teammates in our Discord community.


Top Users Chart

Meet the most active Iranian developers in GitHub based on their contributions to the open-source.


Top Organizations Chart

Meet the most active Iranian organizations in GitHub based on their contributions to the open-source.

Promoting Open-Source

We try to promote the open-source culture, hoping to inspire more Iranian developers to do open-source work.

Content Creation

Our community members write posts on the subject of open-source. (In Persian)


We'd love to hold events and competitions about open-source developments in the future.

Matnbaz is open-source

The code for back-end, front-end, mobile app and all the graphical content are open-source and publicly available.